Thursday, August 6, 2015

Is kissing illegal?

You might be surprised that there are obscure laws related to kissing. While a cordial and non-erotic peck may seem innocuous to you, there are some places where there are actually laws on the books that would discourage your expression of affection - in public as well as in private. Keep in mind, these laws are not likely to land you in prison or require that you pay a hefty fine. However, if the local sheriff is having a bad day, your innocuous lipwork may just result in YOU and your co-conspirator getting thumped by the law.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is kissing too good to be true?

Is there really a science about kissing? Of course there is! It is a mix of psychology, sexology, physiology and sociology. There are measurable health benefits to kissing. The biological reaction to prolonged kissing results in appetite suppression, vasodilation, mild tachycardia, labidol contagion and a release of oxytocin. The effects have been known to boost metabolic activity, leading to short-term weight loss.


You must remember this,
a kiss is just a kiss,
a sigh is just a sigh.

"As Time Goes By"
written by Herman Hupfield in 1931
With all due respect to Mr. Hupfield, a kiss is NEVER "just" a kiss. This single behavior, among mammals, involves one creature pressing their lips against another creature or object and is always symbolic of something more intimate.